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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney


2020 Turkey of the Year

Unbelievable how fast the calendar has turned around and pointed at Thanksgiving.  Excuse me as I follow Patrick Reusse with a few things for which I may not be too thankful.

The PBA has changed the format and I miss the old days when Chris Schenkel and Mike Durbin were on Saturday afternoons for the stepladder finals of that weeks’ tournament.  It seems that now there is a huge bracket of players on FS1 and you have to watch a number of weeks to see who won.  This year’s Masters Golf Tourney was okay to watch however Bryson DeChambeau can hit a golf ball 340 yards but at Augusta National it would help if he hit it straight.  Turkey Tiger was the defending champion, however he managed to break a record by scoring a 10 on the par 3 twelfth hole.  Not only did he lose $25.00 worth of golf balls into Ray’s creek, but he reduced his payday by about $150,000.

How about our Minnesota Twins.  They produced a fine 60 game season then tanked three playoff games to the Astros.  Maybe it was because the cardboard cutouts at Target Field weren’t making enough noise.  (I noticed that they were not wearing masks or social distanced either).

Insurance is serious and necessary, however do we really need Medicare enhancement commercial on TV every 4 minutes.  All of us who own a vehicle need car insurance which is not too funny.  Evidently Liberty, GEICO, and Progressive think it is.

To all of you, I am stressed to announce my Turkey of the year, The terrible Corona Virus of 2020.  Please stay safe, wear a mask and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!






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